Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Day To Play!

Ahh!  Today was perfect from the get go.  My husband and I decided to take a day, just for us, to celebrate our anniversary.  We started the day at the gym--but not just any gym.  We headed over to the 24 Hr. Fitness at Lowry.  This was the gym we would go to when we were just friends, and then when we began our relationship.  I remember when we first started working out together--Kent would always push me to the limit.  I loved that about him.  That I was able to lift more than I ever thought imaginable.  He'd be there to spot me, to encourage me, to be my friend.  As time went on, and our relationship blossomed into more than merely friendship, it was where we'd meet every morning between 4:30 and 5:00.  Funny how I wasn't too tired to get up and go to the gym back then...

When we'd finish our workout routine, we'd head over to the Starbucks at Lowry--which is exactly where our second stop of the day was.  They knew our drinks by heart four years ago, but now the barista's have changed--even though the feeling this place evokes has not.  We took our coffee and headed over to another favorite spot--Washington Park.

I love this place.  I love the neighborhood, the houses, the ducks in the pond.  I love how we have "our bench," which is right next to "our tree."  I never tire of this place.  Today we sat on our bench, sipping our coffee, talking and laughing and being so ridiculous.  Great morning.

Our bellies started rumbling, and it was time to get a bite to eat.  Neither of us had ever eaten at Snooze, but both have wanted to for quite sometime.  We tried taking the kids there a few weekends ago, but the line was literally wrapped around the block.  This time there was only a 30 minute wait--which was SO worth it.  Seriously delicious!  We can't wait to go again.  And their coffee cups are unbelievable.  I'm literally going online to order one.  They have this little nook for my finger and my hands perfectly wrap around the mug.  I love them!  Unfortunately, so does the rest of the free world and Snooze can't keep them in stock at their store--thus, the reason for ordering it online...

After coming home, cleaning up from the workout, and spending a little time with Gator we did what we've been wanting to do for a while--get new tattoos!  The last one I got was December of 2010--the Believe on my foot.  This time I wanted a sort of tribute for me and my children.  So I found this tribal eucalyptus tree--which symbolizes protection.  There's ivy climbing along the trunk to symbolize faithful love, attachment, and tenacity.  Finally, I wrote their names and had them underneath the trunk.      Kent got a tribal tattoo on his left arm--no meaning other than he really liked it!  =)

Tonight, we were going to head back out to see The Hunger Games, but I'm way too tired.  Tomorrow brings about another day, so perhaps we'll hit a matinee'.  Great day!  I love days like this!

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