Monday, March 5, 2012

Bye Bye Snow...At Least Until Wednesday.

Ahhh...  Today was so invigorating.  Just knowing it would be almost 60 degrees outside made me want to feel and dress like spring.  I couldn't help but put on capris, open toed shoes, and a spring top.  There was a bit of a skip in my step and a smile gracing my face--all day long.  While I love my four seasons, there's something about the first day of warmth following a few months of the chill.  There was no need to stop for a Starbucks--shocker, I know--or a need for a warm coat.  Instead I grabbed my jean jacket as I headed out the door, and threw on my sunglasses.

The best part of my day was after school and after the gym.  On my way home, with sweat beads still swarming on my brow, I unleashed my window.  The breeze filled my car and I loved it.  Tomorrow's going to be another warm, 70-something degree day and I can't wait!  I just checked the forecast and they upped it another 10 degrees!  Woo Hoo!

Of course, there was just a bit of disappointment when I noticed there was another change in the forecast...  From one day of forecasted snow (Wednesday) to the new forecast of snow for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Ugh.  Oh well--guess just a few more days to wear my fuzzy boots.  As for tomorrow, it'll be another day of open toed shoes!  Yay!


  1. Well, I didn't do the open-toed sandals, but I loved being in a T-shirt and seating a bit as I worked with the horses. We went out for a trail ride... through the melting snow. I felt invigorated! I, too, had a skip in my step... until I looked at Wunderground :((

  2. You're SO lucky! Sounds like you had a wonderful day--enjoy today as well, because the snow's a-comin'! haha =)