Monday, July 30, 2012

On Sabbatical

It's been awhile since I've blogged or written any articles for the Glass Heel (only one up last week, another to be published this week--that's it for the summer...).  I've been working aimlessly on my first YA (young adult) novel.  I'm up to 43,000 words and Chapter 21.  So I've been a bit preoccupied with that...and hope to finish it by next week.  Writing the ending of a book is bittersweet and with this book it's no difference.  It always amazes me where a story ends up--and where this one is ending up so far is not at all where I planned it to be.  This story is a coming of age for a young girl in the Midwest.  There's the laughter, the tears, the confusion, the hard knocks--ya' know, all those things that are needed when growing up.

On that note, my first book--Mr. Rights Gone Wrong--is in the works to get published.  I'm hoping to be sitting in the Tattered Cover at my first book signing in the next 6 months.  I love that this store really embraces Colorado authors.  While I don't expect to make money, yet, I have learned the importance of networking, networking, networking.  I'm not a good networker...although my husband disagrees.

The novel I'm currently working on--Everything--will most likely be seen another year from now--I already have the sequel spinning in my mind...  One day I hope to be a full-time author.  For now, it's a dream that I am demanding to come true.

So that's where I've been, in case you've wondered.  =)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Burberry Dreams...ahhh.

Beginning two years ago I fell in love with this gorgeous Burberry tote and wallet.  Every single time we went to the Cherry Creek Mall, there I'd be in Burberry.  Just asking to hold it on my arm and flip through the wallet.  Whenever I was at the Park Meadows mall, I'd take a stroll into Nordstrom and go straight to the designer handbags.  There she sat, where I'd once again hang her from my arm, then flip through the wallet.

In 2010, when I graduated with my doctorate degree, I was quite intent on making the purchase.  I remember heading into Burberry with my husband (Kent), checkbook in tow.  The saleslady took down my bag and I held it on my arm for about ten minutes.  But when she rang up the price, and I saw the total being well over $1200 with tax, I just couldn't do it.  Purchase it that is.  So I handed her back and kept the monies in my savings account.

And then last Monday, as my daughter and I strolled through Nordstrom, something almost miraculous happened (stop laughing, Kent, it WAS miraculous).  I did my usual ritual--holding her on the crook of my arm.  This time I tried to take a step and the security chain tugged her back.  "Can't go far with that bag!" laughed the saleslady.  "Oh, I know that..." I laughed back, placing her back upon the shelf.

I walked over to the matching wallet, who wasn't chained down, picked her up, just wishing to make her mine.  My daughter, so used to the Burberry ritual, stood and waited for me to finish.  Eventually I did, and we started making our way to another part of the store.  Before exiting the Designer Handbag section, another saleslady stopped me.  "You know...that tote that you seemed so fond of is actually going on sale next Friday."

"What?!  I thought Burberry never went on sale!" my voice was filled with astonishment.  After all, I'd been eyeing this bag for over two years and never had I seen a sale sign.  Never.

"Well, it's not the typical sale.  Our manager wants to try to get some customers excited.  The only bag going on sale is the one your hand was on."

"How much?"

"40% off."


"Seriously.  I can presell it to you if you'd like.  We open at 10:00 and I guarantee it'll be gone by 10:05."

My mind started swirling with mathematical calculations.  For the last few months I'd been saving my pocket money and had over $500 to go toward my Burberry Dreams.  I'd been planning on saving through December or as long as it took to make my Burberry Dreams come true.  I was thrilled!  I was elated!  I'd barely have to dip into our savings account.  Yay!

"Okay, sign me up!  I'll be here first thing on Friday morning!"  The woman filled out the necessary forms, making sure to jot down both the bag and the wallet.  The moment she finished I was on cloud nine.  Not only were my Burberry Dreams about to come true, but I'd be SAVING money too.  Yes!

The moment we finished the transaction I had to call my husband.  Two weeks earlier we had the Burberry Dream talk.  "How many Coach bags do you think you buy every year?" he began.  

"I don't know 2-3?"


"Yes..."  Not all of them count...

"Okay, if you didn't buy any Coach bags for say three years you'd have enough for the Burberry, right?"

"So you're saying if I promise not to buy any Coach bags for three years, we'll head down to Burberry and buy my bag and wallet?"


I had to think about this deal before signing on.  After all, three years is a LONG time.  We didn't make the deal.

And now I had the Burberry without having to make such a crappy deal!  Yes!  My husband was happy for me and my purchase.  I could see him just shaking his head at his desk, smiling at my glee.  But believe me, there are many purchases he makes that make no sense to me.  Like his $1000 bike and the other $1300 he's spent on the "accessories"--seriously.  To make his ass hurt, that's what he spent?  But whatever makes him happy...

Friday couldn't come soon enough.  I woke up early, went to the gym, got ready to hit the mall and sat in the parking lot for a good 30 minutes before the doors opened.  It was a Friday morning and there was a line outside of Nordstrom.  I don't know if this is normal, but I was happy I was a presale.  The bag was mine.

I was greeted by a transvestite.  She was kind, but so homely.  One would think that if you want to be a woman, you'd at least shave the beard.  But whatever.  I liked her immediately.  We chatted about her morning and the employee that fell in the parking lot earlier.  The ambulance had to pick her up, which was making my saleslady's job a nightmare.  "Take your time ringing me up," I told her.  "I've been waiting two years for my Burberry Dream to come true, a few more minutes isn't going to matter."

She went in the back room to retrieve my new love.  The anticipation was killing me!  "Oh, no," she said as she started manning the cash register.  Panic arose in my eyes and I waited for her to continue.  "I know you were told the wallet is on sale too, but it's not.  Only the bag."

"Really?" I asked trying to figure out if I still wanted the wallet.  It's not a couple hundred bucks we're talking about here, but rather $375.  No, I wouldn't be able to get the wallet without the discount.  It just wouldn't be mine.

"Well, I'm going to give the discounted price to you, honey.  You've been waiting all week and lord knows Jenny wrote it down for you on your slip.  I'm going to honor that for you, sweetheart."

"Really?!  Thank you so much!"  See it was meant to be.

The total came up on the screen and I took out my wad of cash.  "I'm paying for it in cash," I said.  "I've been saving for awhile."

"Well, I guess you have, honey.  That is how everyone should make their purchases.  Save up and then buy it.  I can't tell you how many people try buying their Burberry on their credit card and the thing gets declined.  Good for you, sweetie!"  Seriously, I was loving this girl.

Finally the bag was wrapped, as was the wallet.  I literally skipped out of the store.  And that, my friends, is how my Burberry Dreams came true.