Friday, January 27, 2012

This Friggin' Zit--Are You Kidding ME?

Seriously.  And yes, the moment I start any rant off with seriously you know it's simply not good. I'm 41 years old.  FORTY-ONE years old and I'm STILL getting zits.  And this one is absolutely ridiculous.  It's as though I have a growth on my face that does everything but wave.  I swear it taunts me.  It annoys me. It spews crap out of it that scares me.  Literally, frightens me.  Seriously.

When is this going to end?  It's not as though I'm that teenager anymore, although if you looked at my face right now one would never know it.  Lucky me--blessed with zits AND wrinkles.  Oh joy.  Every night I wash my face, moisturize, and pray that I wake up without any new additions.  I'm hoping for the day when I can have more than a couple of zit-free weeks.  Until then, I'll keep picking, popping, and poking and wishing that these friggin' zits would stay the HELL away from me.



  1. Bwhahaha! I feel the same way Mere! I have actually had more zits in the last three years than I did all through puberty and my teen years!

  2. Ah, you made my evening! I enjoyed the chuckle... on your expense..perhaps!
    Your time will come... then your skin will be dry. It will be wrinkled. It wills sag.
    Enjoy your youthful face...zits and all!

  3. Well, I hate to tell you this...I'm 43 and never, ever had blemishes, even as a teenager, and I've had more this year than most 15 year old girls stuck in puberty hell. It's been torture. Why? Why must we go through being 40+ and get facial cruelties in addition to fine lines? It is maddening I tell you! I feel for you. Hang in there. It's temporary and probably hormones. Yea, that's the other "worse" part of the equation. More hormones doing the awful dance in your system.

    Oh well, we've got to laugh.


  4. @Cyndi--Thanks! Glad you laughed--sometimes that's all we can do, right? =)

    @Lana--Lucky girl! For the past that is, not so much this year... Oh, the joy of hormones...this to shall pass or at least I'm hoping. =)