Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perhaps I Am A Writer.

On Monday when I was given the opportunity to write for the Glass Heel, I was really excited.  It just fell into my lap and I'm really happy that it did.  I've been writing my entire life--times when it was used as an outlet.  I love looking back at my journals from middle school.  Other than my handwriting being an absolute atrocity to mankind, my dreams were either ridiculously meek or so far out there that I don't know what I was doing--oh, dreaming, that's right...  My goal that I had a a meager 13 years old was to own a clock radio by the time I was 18--so glad that I gave myself 5 years to accomplish that task!  That entry does tell a story though.  The story of what you dream of when money isn't an option because there simply isn't any.  Another dream I had in the 7th grade was to become the first woman quarterback in the NFL--not sure what happened there...  At 5'2 3/4" I thought for sure I had a chance--didn't quite work out.  Those journals are a great tool for a good laugh, that's for sure!

I love to write.  The first story I ever had published was in the 10th grade.  It was awful.  I won the contest for my age group because I'm almost positive I was the only one that entered it.  Maybe not, but my story really was awful.  It was about a girl with a disability and how I'd befriend her.  I was, however, paid $50.00 for my submission!  Big bucks in 1987 or at least it was to me.

Poetry, short stories, memoirs, one novel, a dissertation, a bazillion papers--I've written more words than I've probably ever spoken.  Okay, that was a bit of a hyperbole there, but still.  You get the point.  I write a LOT--and continue to do so several times per week.  It soothes my soul like none other.  It renews my spirit when I'm low.  It's me.

So tonight when I see my name on someone else's website, under an article that I wrote, it feels great.  Check it out if you can!

Get Up Already--You've Been Down Long Enough by Dr. Meredith Collins

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