Thursday, January 26, 2012

There's Nothing Like a BFF--Part Two.

Saturday morning couldn't come soon enough--so much so, that my sister, niece, and I jumped in the car and took off around 10:30 Friday night.  I was too excited to wait until the morning.  There was this natural high spinning around in my head for the first few hours.  I just wanted to get there so badly!

Of course, once the clock hit around 3 am, I was just about beat.  I found myself hallucinating behind the wheel of the car--hitting the noise makers on the side of the road and startling my sister.  "What the...!" she started as I tried to wake up.  "Sorry!" I told her and slapped my face.  "Hey, is that truck heading for us?"  The headlights seemed to be coming straight towards us.  I slammed on the brakes, in the middle of the highway, thinking this truck was going to hit us.  Ummm, no.  I wasn't seeing clearly at all.  I drove a few more miles and just had to pull over.  Joelle would be driving for awhile...  And she did for a few hours.  When I drove again, the GPS kept taking me onto the business route.  Not knowing where I was going, I kept taking it.  Not good.  It was when I was creeping through this tiny no-inhabitants-that-could-be-seen town, when this dog came out of nowhere barking at my car.  I had to swerve onto the other side of the road to miss hitting this dog!  "WHAT THE...!" my sister started as she woke up.  "Just a dog," I replied and kept on trucking!  Always an adventure...

We rolled into Fort Worth around 11 in the morning.  The room wasn't quite ready (granted we were four hours early for check in), so decided to head on over to the good ole' Cracker Barrel.  The eats were pretty good (I munched on a kids' grilled cheese) and the people watching was spectacular.  Seriously.  We fit right in!  =)  An hour later the room was ready for us and we hit the hay.  Four hours later we all woke up, took showers, and got ready for the big moment.  I was so anxious and nervous and excited to see my BFF!

Thanks to my husband purchasing my amazing GPS, we got there in record time.  There were security gates closing us off to the apartment complex, so we patiently waited for a resident to pull in and creeped in behind them.  After perusing the complex for a bit trying to get our bearings, we saw the clubhouse.  Nerves started taking over again; I just wanted this moment to be perfect for her.  I could sense her sadness and want nothing but the best for her--always.  The three of us loaded up our arms with the gifts and started making our way up the walk.  The windowed doors allowed us to peer in, where we saw her sitting at the bar, her back facing us.  "There she is!" my niece whispered in excitement and I asked her to hold open the door.  "SPECIAL DELIVERY FROM COLORADO!" I yelled as I entered the room.  There was a slight hesitation as she spun around in her chair, did a double take, and flew towards us!  "OH MY GOD!  OH MY GOD!" were the only words that left her lips as she grabbed ahold of me, and cried and cried and cried.  So of course, I cried.  And upon seeing me cry, my sister got all misty too.  Can't help it--family trait I 'spose.

And it was a great moment.  It was a great baby shower.  I couldn't stop rubbing on that baby belly or hugging on her.  And yes, I  surprised her like none other.  That's just what BFFs do.

Later on that night, as we sat in her living room just BSing the night away, I learned how upset she really was about her shower.  That morning she had been in tears, wanting to cancel the entire thing.  Having been away from family and my best of friends when I was pregnant, I completely understood what she was feeling.  Perhaps that's why I wanted this surprise so badly for her.  Nothing, no one can replace your family or your BFF.  Just can't.

The best part of the trip wasn't the surprise, it was getting to baby shop and just do the things that best friends are supposed to do--have lunch, gossip, and just be.  On our last evening there her husband made all of us this kick ass dinner, and it was great.  They're a wonderful couple, who are going to make amazing parents.  Their love is real--I'm just so thankful to be a part of their life.  This summer I know I'll be making another trek down to Texas, so I can spoil my new little niece Olivia!  I absolutely cannot wait to see this little girl, as I love her already!

Congrats to Christine and Chad!  
You're both going to make wonderful parents!
I love you both...

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