Saturday, February 11, 2012

What the Wax?

When I was in my early 20s, I never experienced getting waxed--anywhere.  I remember my BFF, Christine, going to get her eyebrows waxed and it just looked so painful.  I was thankful to have little eyebrows that have always been low maintenance.

After I had my kids, the hormones in my body must've switched gears and the mustache I was able to grow could compete with my husband's.  Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but still--it was bad.  So I began going to get the lip wax--each time cringing just a bit.  The plucking part was always the worst for me.  My eyes would water, regardless of how little the pain really was.

When money was tight, I remember going out and buying a "Do It Yourself" waxing nightmare.  The only thing I was able to do was to rip not only the hair from my face, but also skin.  I had made the wax too hot, and actually burned skin off of my face.  So, while I had no hair donning my lip, I did have scabs for about three weeks.  Real attractive.

Then there was the time when I had the great idea of these tape like strips--it's like the waxing ordeal, but no microwaving the wax was involved.  Only problem was, was once again the user error.  How I screwed that up is beyond me, but I managed to leave strays hairs all over the place--looking quite the fool.  So I stopped everything for awhile.

When my son grew a bit older and asked me why I had a mustache, I knew it was time to get back to the salon.  That wasn't a good day for me.  The waxing lady was almost in awe of my lip hair, and I was immensely embarrassed.  I'm not sure how she convinced me, but she did to get an eyebrow wax.  When I left the place, with my lip hair free, I looked like an idiot from the nose up.  These minute lines above my eyes were just horrific.  I couldn't believe she made me look like one of those Latino girls who draw on their eyebrows.  How the HELL was I going to show up to work looking like this?  But I did, fixing my hair in a manner to cover up half my face--anything to not see my eyebrows.

Then one day, as I was chatting it up with the ladies, the talk of the Brazilian wax became the topic of the day.  Several of the girls had gotten this delight, and spent much of the morning trying to convince me it was a "must do"--perhaps a must do form of torture, but I didn't know that yet...  I was nervous as I showed up at the Aveda salon--literally sweating like a mad person, palms sweaty, fidgety as all get up.  The waxing chick started chatting it up, as she was applying the wax.  Just another day in paradise for her, I'm sure.  Ummm, yeah.  The rest I'll keep to myself--but there was a bit of cursing, grabbing of the table, and a "Just leave it, I'm done" in the middle of my visit.  People actually pay for this torture--un-friggin'-believable.  I couldn't go back there--not after that disaster.

A new waxing-only studio opened up right up the street from me, so I decided I'd try this place out.  After all, it'd be convenient, if nothing else.  There was a free coupon in the mail for an eyebrow wax, and I'm all about the savings.  After the pencil disaster, I hadn't gotten an eyebrow wax and thought, "What the heck?  It's free."  I showed up, gave the girl my coupon and relived my eyebrow disaster with her.  She listened and I got the best lip and eyebrow wax ever.  Except it cost me $45.00--that's with the tip.  Ridiculous, right?  But she was good, so I made another appointment and another.  Each month going back.  During month two the girl started really trying to up-sell me--focusing on my crotch.  Every time she'd give me the eyebrow/lip combo, she'd mention waxing in the nether-area.  So I had to stop going there--it was too weird and SO overpriced.

My friend, Tina, who gets the waxing done religiously recommended this place down in the DTC--and let me tell you, the place is awesome.  Not only is my new waxing chick awesome--but there's no need to up-sell, and tipping is NOT allowed.  Cool right?  And the pricing is stellar.  Only $22 for both.  Every four weeks, that's where you'll find me--talking it up with waxing chick, eyes still watering, and oh-so-thankful I no longer have to do the "Do It Yourself" waxing at home.


  1. Thanks for not revealing what services I get at w
    waxing the city dtc. :)

  2. Oh what fun... for me! Reading your post about the 'do it yourself' waxing brought tears to my eyes, too! Thanks for a fun read!