Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ahhh. Snow Day How I Love Thee.

There's nothing like a nice, long, relaxing weekend.  I love them.  Especially when not expected.  This Friday I was thrilled to get dumped on with 19 inches of snow.  It was a beautiful moment.  Hands down--there's nothing like the phone call saying my school will be closed due to snow!  =)

On Friday, my children and I sat around with our munchies, watched movie after movie, and never got out of our jammies.  Love days like that!  The only time I made my way outside was to take my son to go sledding/snowboarding with one of his buddies and to snowplow the driveway (twice).

On snow days the coffee tastes better and the snuggle under the blankie is just more cozy.  There are no worries, no arguing, and no annoyances to contend with.  It's perfect.

This snow day I didn't answer any emails; I didn't grade any papers; I didn't do anything but relax.  (Except for snowplowing the driveway, which I did twice.)  My husband, on the other hand, did have to make his way into work.  Unfortunately, there are no snow plows that come down our street, so he had to get picked up in the "Command Vehicle".  I felt a little bad watching him have to go into work.  Not bad enough to clean, cook, make the bed or any of that crap.  But inside there was a moment of, "Awww, poor thing."  Granted it was a short-lived moment, but present never the less...

And I did throw a chuck-roast into the crockpot, and I did get the laundry done, and I DID snowplow the driveway twice--which was something I never want to experience again.

Snowplowing is crap.  Seriously.  I spent a good 45 minutes the first go around--thinking I'd impress my husband with my skills.  The friggin' thing did not throw the snow properly and I ended up having to go over the driveway several times.  It's not as easy as my husband makes it look either.  I had to tug on the snowplow, push this beast through 19 inches of snow--it wasn't fun.

When my husband called around 3, to let me know he'd get to come home earlier than first expected, I was really thrilled!  He'd be home to have dinner with us, see my snowplowed driveway, and get to relax a bit before our weekend extravaganza.  So I popped open the garage door, just to make sure my piece of art was still together.  Yeah.  It appeared that I hadn't even touched the driveway at all.  It was recovered with snow--the entire driveway.  Not wanting my husband to have to come home and have to do it all again after working all day, I threw back on my jacket and gloves and hat and boots, and headed back out.

45 minutes later it was snowplowed, but now there was a 5 inch layer of ice.  So I grabbed the ice-pick-chopper-thingy and started beating the hell out of the ice.  I was lifting huge sheets of snow/ice blocks from the driveway.  Ridiculous.  I was panting, practically having heart palpitations, when I finally completed the damn driveway.  Just thinking about it again makes me tired.  Good thing my feet are up.

About an hour after I finished the driveway, my wonderful husband came in through the garage door.  "Did you notice the driveway?"  I was about to say when I stopped in mid-sentence.  "Why are you keeping your coat on?" I asked instead, noticing he wasn't getting ready to relax.  "Gotta clear the driveway," he said looking around for his gloves.  "WHAT!  I did it TWICE today!"  Damn, snow.

I looked back out the garage door and yeah.  Didn't look like I did a thing.  Snow sucks.  So although I tried to have everything done before my baby got home from work, so he could relax, it just didn't work out.  He ended up having to do it TWO times before we hit the sack on Friday night.  Poor thing.

Regardless, oh snow days, how I love thee.  And this snow day reconfirmed that these types of days are MEANT to be spent indoors, relaxing--not outside, not plowing any driveways, not practically having a heart-attack.  So from now on, that's exactly how I'll be spending all of mine.  =)

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  1. I am of the opinion that one doesn't touch the driveway until the snow and wind have stopped! I dug out a path to the barn....three times! Oh... and then a 4th after the snow had stopped!
    That was one heck of a storm and I thoroughly enjoyed a laid-back Friday, incised, with movies playing! I don't even have to be employed to enjoy a snow day!