Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Club Beauty

Three months ago I started attending a local book club, and I must say I love it!  The ladies there are fun, intelligent, and we have a great time.  Every meeting there are new ladies to interact with, and a few "old faithfuls"--I'm slowly becoming one of those.  At the last meeting I realized the beauty of this book club isn't the discussion about the book or even the company--rather, it's the coming together to support one another.  To get away from the everyday and find ourselves--our true selves.   We get to leave all of our daily roles in the car, every month for a few hours.  And I must say, it's nice.

I grew up with a very competitive relationship with my sisters.  Whether it was about boys, school, work, sports--didn't matter.  We were always competing for the top spot in my parents' eyes.  And while this type of upbringing does form very strong and independent women, there's an ingredient that was missing--and still is.  There's always been a lack of support, of cheering on, of being happy for the other's success.   It's always felt as though by one being successful, it somehow diminished the success of the other.  Sad, but true.  And it's not just in my family.  No, I see it all the time.  Makes me wonder why can't women be truly supportive of the other without feeling less of person, of a woman?

Which brings me back to the last book club meeting, when a newbie arrived and shared her story.  She had brought with her some amazing chocolates, and I, being a concerned citizen and good Samaritan, offered to be the taste-tester.  To say they were delicious is an underestimate.  They were exquisite:  mouth-watering, perfectly textured, beautifully crafted and delivered.  Thinking about them now is making me crave another one of the dark chocolate and coconut ones.  Or the salted carmel one.   Yum!  Anyway, she recently lost her government job and started doing something she loves--making chocolates.    The women in the book club started figuring out business strategies, ideas, and anything they could to help this lady launch her business.  It was amazing to see such a coming of souls to encourage the other.

I was a part of this support structure, and I must say, it warmed my spirit.  It made me realize the importance of women supporting women.  Even if it's just a small group, sitting in someone's basement, disguised as a book club.  I have a feeling great friends are going to be made.


  1. I totally agree... and yes, I am craving salted caramels with chocolate coating!!!!!!

  2. =) We have a great group! I'm not crazy about this month's book though--how's it going for you?