Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twas' Two Nights Before Christmas...

Kent and I at Zoo Lights 12/21/11

Twas' two nights before Christmas when all through the house
Fuzz and Roo were at their dad's so it's quiet as a mouse
The stockings were hung by the fireplace with care
I, of course, hung each and every one up there

The children, I'm sure, were nestled all snug in their beds
even though it's noon, I'm sure they haven't even moved their heads
And I'm on the couch, sipping out of my coffee mug
Gator's spending time chewing on the throw rug

When out in the front there arose such a clatter
Was FedEx finally here--those presents do matter!
Away to the window I flew like a flash
Tripping of course, and into the door I did crash

The sun shining on the newly fallen snow
Silence around me, something new I know
When, what to my wondering eye should appear
Brandon, Marissa, you're both finally here!

With my son as the driver, so lively and quick
in his white Honda--and yes, it's a stick
Marissa looked pale--it was quite the drive
first thing she said was, "Hey mom, I'm alive!"

They got to the porch, brushed the snow off their coats
next unwrapped the scarves from around their throats
They flung off the boots that were strapped to their feet
And, then, as always asked, "Mom, what's there to eat?"

Gates jumped up and down, he was so happy seeing these two
there's no one that loves him like Fuzzy and Roo
And into the kitchen all of us went
Making the cookies was none other than Kent

"Can we open just one?" Riss asked again and again
"Nope, gotta wait," I said with a grin
Her eyes rolled to the ceiling, patience isn't her virtue
Picked up one of the gifts, "But this one, mom's for you!"

"Hey, mom, there's none under here for me," this was B's voice filled with worry
"Well have you been good?" I asked--which is a whole other story
"Crap," he said hoping Santa would forget the swearing in class
Why did his teacher have to be such an ass?

The Christmas lights in the room were all aglow
Gates on his bed, outside falling more snow
We decided to play pool downstairs in the basement apartment
kicking some serious butt--now that's my department

Finally it was time to hit the sack
"Come on mom, just one more rack!"
"Nope, not if you want Santa to arrive"
"Seriously, mom" with a roll of her eyes

"You better believe or he won't deliver"
When suddenly up our spines went a shiver
For we heard something up on the roof
the prancing and pawing of each little hoof

"What the..." began Brandon starting to believe
I felt Marissa's arm holding onto my sleeve
Kent grabbed the nearest thing to attack if need be
One pool stick wouldn't do it, so he decided to take three

He made his way up the stairs, the three of us in tow
I'm not staying in the basement--when we heard a loud bellow
Marissa screamed and Brandon jumped on Kent's back
I grabbed ahold of everyone--were we under attack?

Then bells rang out and we heard a "HO HO HO"
In disbelief we ran to see Santa--we had to know!
Was he real?  Was his story true?
Cookies were eaten, milk was gone too!

The only thing that Santa had decided to leave behind
was a tiny note that wasn't left unsigned
"Get to bed" it said and with those three short words
Fuzz and Roo hustled up the stairs in thirds

And suddenly I was taken back to the nights
when Christmas made my kids' eyes dance with delight
My mom would be Santa calling on the phone to make sure they were good
the kids hanging up and behaving like they should

B never liked sitting on Santa's lap, oh how he cried!
Marissa never minded, just stared at him wide-eyed.
And I took pictures as though they were going out of style
yes, that hasn't changed and won't for quite awhile

They left cookies and milk for Santa--carrots for the reindeer too
I made tracks in the snow, and left bite marks from Santa's whole crew
Too excited to sleep, wanting to wake them out of their beds
Tossing and turning, checking in on their sleeping heads

Finally 4 am would come, I could wait no more
crept not so quietly over to their bedroom door
I shook them a bit then said, "I think Santa came!"
and rubbing their eyes,  "GET UP!" they'd exclaim

Jumped out of their beds and ran over to the tree
"Mommy, what do you think Santa brought me?"
I made the hot chocolate and put the cinnabons in the oven to warm
Soon to witness a perfect wrapping paper storm

One by one we'd hand out each one of the presents to unwrap
There'd be oohing and ahhing, sometimes even a clap
And when every present was opened, and everything was clean
We'd go sledding, or skating, or watch a movie on the screen

Now that they're older, and don't truly believe
Santa decided to pull a trick out of his sleeve
And that's when the noise on the roof went a-clatter
Because it's in the believing that all really does matter

"We're asleep!" I heard a voice yell from their room
And that's when I heard another huge boom!
"Kent is that you?"  I asked in alarm
"No," he replied, "please stop twisting my arm!"

And that's when I saw through the window a nose
it was red, and shiny, and brightly glows
"Really?" I asked with disbelief into the night
Kent peering out the window yelled, "I see a red light!"

So off to bed Kent and I scampered on too
and looking out the window we finally knew
Before we caught our breath, he flew out of sight
but we heard him say, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"


  1. What a clever rendition of one of my favorites!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Thank you so much! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas as well! =)