Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mom, I Have a VERY Important Question For You!

Yesterday as I was driving my kids home from school, some interesting tidbits of information was spewing forth from their mouths.  It started with gossip about a girl who's pregnant and continuing to have unprotected sex.  About teachers they can't stand, and how their day went.  When out of the blue my son says, "Mom I have a VERY important question for you."  I'm thinking to myself, "Oh lord, what in the world is this child going to be asking me?"  I braced myself for the question and continued driving on down the road.

"Okay, what's the question?"

"Do you want to be buried or cremated when you die?  This is really important for me to know mom," he asked with complete seriousness in his voice.

When I got over the shock of the question, I answered as honestly as I could.  "Well, I want to be cremated."  As my son continued with where my ashes would be (above his mantle in an urn with a light shining on it to signify Heaven--not by the fire below, which would be hell), I'm thinking to myself, "Where the heck did this question come from?"  I also let him know that if he ever stepped out of line that I would haunt his butt, so he'd better behave.  That comment was met with laughter from both of my kids--along with a "Yeah, right, Mom."

And while the conversations aren't the most comfortable to be having with my children, I am happy to know that my wishes are of importance to them.  Well, at least some of them!  =)

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