Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving--It's a Lifestyle, Not a Day

I'm a Facebook fanatic--love the site.  Love being able to learn new information about people I care about; love being able to see pics of loved ones and being able to share mine; absolutely love the daily internet interaction that makes me feel connected to my fellow Facebook friends.  The week before Thanksgiving is typically when people start posting their "giving thanks" updates.  Today, as I was reading 13 updates all based on Thanksgiving, it made me realize how it's not really just a day for me--rather it's a lifestyle.

I'm lucky enough to have a family that meets more than just during the holidays.  And while my family does have its issues--yes, there's the sibling that hasn't been a part of our family for over twelve years; yes, there's been the hellish times raising teenagers, and yes, there are days when everyone at the table is driving me nuts and the dinner can't go quickly enough.  Regardless of the less than stellar moments, I love that my mom gets "distraught" should I forget to call midweek, even though she saw me three days prior.  I love that we all get together to eat the same Italian meal on a weekly to bi-weekly basis all year long.  I love the fact that my we enjoy each other's company.  It makes me thankful.  So this year I've decided to create a list of some of the things that I'm thankful for...

  1. My family--each and every one of them.  Even my brother, who hasn't been in my life at all in my 30s or now in my 40s.  I don't know who I'd be if I had a decent brother, and that's okay because I like who I am without him.  Very grateful for my parents.  While I love them without question, I really like them.  I laugh the most when they're around, and I love that.  They're good people.  I'm also grateful for my sisters--knowing that they're my friends and are always there for me no matter what.  For that, I'm thankful. 
  2. My kids--they've humbled me without question.  I've never questioned my abilities the way I do as a parent.  The doubt, the worry, the angst--while those things don't appear to be on the top of most people's list, I truly believe they've made me a stronger person.  There's strength in weakness, something I never really knew until I had kids.  I'm thankful for my two babies, and love them in a way that only a parent can love. 
  3. My husband--his kindness and ability to love me with every iota of his being surprises me every day.  He makes me laugh, drives me nuts at times (especially when he leaves his shit on the floor--for the record I never do that--okay I do, but it's not as annoying), and is my partner in everything I do.  I'm so thankful to have him in my life.  I love him in a way I didn't know I was capable of.
  4. For the way my dog, Gates, greets me with such love and affection.  The way he moves his nose up and under my hand when he needs some loving. 
  5. For my friends--I just love and adore and can count on you guys no matter what.  I love you guys and I'm VERY thankful to have you in my life.
  6. For the GREAT Green Bay Packers who make football so exciting to watch--loving this year! (and last year too...)
  7. For the lady at Starbucks who knows my drink before I ask for it.  The extra time I save every (well, every OTHER) morning does add up.  
  8. For the special lens cleaners that clean my glasses.  Nothing else cleans them right.  So whoever invented that stuff, thank you.
  9. For my body pump instructor, Andrea, that keeps me moving when I'm exhausted.  Truth be told, I have been ignoring her for 2 weeks now, but I was sick...really.
  10. For Steve Jobs--because without him I wouldn't be typing this on a Mac--and I love my Mac and all the other Apple products I own--like my iPhone4 on a 3G network (my kids shake their heads whenever I say this).
  11. For my Keurig coffee machine--this I am really grateful for.  It's so nice not having to waste an entire pot of coffee when I'm really only needing one or two cups.  Love this.
  12. For patience--there's been times when I've absolutely wanted to lose it, but this little saying "patience is a virtue" pops up in my mind, causing me to breathe and chill.  Thankful for this little tidbit that's kept me in check over the years.
  13. For the auxiliary cord in my car, that allows me to plug my iPhone4 on a 3G network into my stereo and listen to my favorite music.  That's awesome.
  14. For the ability to say "Call Kent Mobile" when I'm in my car and it just dials him (or whoever I want to speak to) on in.  Seriously--I'm from the age of the rotary phone.  This feature is just awesome.
  15. For the fast forward button on the remote control.  No more commercials for me.  I'm very grateful for the ability to watch a scheduled 30 minute T.V. show in the actual 20 minutes of air time that it takes up.  
  16. For my migraine medicine.  Enough said.
  17. For the rewards points on my credit card.  It's so nice to get gift cards in the mail or an extra $50 in the savings account.
  18. For lotion--I'd have some seriously dried skin if it weren't for my Lucerin.
  19. For learning how to dream, and the ability to dream big.  I'm so thankful for everyone that's ever helped me achieve my dreams--and for those that encourage me to keep on dreaming.
  20. For Tylenol PM--especially grateful for this product when my neighbors leave their dog for days at a time.
  21. For candles and their ability to relax me, while filling our home with scents of cinnamon or vanilla.
  22. For my camera and for the camera on my phone. I'm so thankful that I have the means to record memories.
  23. For creamer--I am so thankful for the different flavors to throw into my coffee everyday.  It's just so convenient and tasty.
  24. For vanity sizing.  Seriously.  I'm grateful that age 41, I can still squeeze into a size 6.  Granted only in some brands of clothes, so to the Vera Wang collection--thank you!
  25. For snow days--there's really nothing like the delight in my kids' voices when there is a snow day.  I'm grateful to have a job that allows me to snuggle down with a good book when the weather sucks.
  26. For laughter--one of the greatest sounds, feelings, and gift that I can give.  My laugh is ridiculous, but it's mine.  I love to laugh and to make people laugh.  I'm thankful to be so funny--okay, I'll work on my jokes.
  27. For Kohl's cash--it's like they're paying me to shop.  Really.  Really!  I love that Kohl's cash, dammit.
  28. For my Nook.  Even though I felt like a traitor for the first ten minutes that I used it, being an English teacher and all...I'm so thankful for this contraption.  I can carry a zillion books at my fingertips.  I hope they create a waterproof one, so I can one day take it in the tub or to the pool.
  29. For my tweezers--what's up with all the stray hairs on my face as of late?  Seriously.  I'd look like Big Foot if it weren't for my tweezers, so thankful for it.
  30. For hairspray and gel.  You've seen my hair--it's out of control, yet tamed by these two products. SO grateful to have them otherwise...I don't even want to think about it.
  31. For my open heart.  Because of this feature given to me, regardless of all the bullshit I've endured, I remained open to love.  I'm so thankful, because without this I wouldn't have ever found the love of my life.
  32. For my family--while I know they made the list already, my family also includes all of those near and dear to my heart.  I am very thankful for each and every one of you that is a part of my life.

There's a ton more that I'm thankful for, but these seem to be the ones in the forefront of my brain.  I'm blessed to be surrounded with good people every single day, not just on Thanksgiving.  Today, when I sit around the table at my parents' home chowing down, I will think about all that I have to be thankful for.  And next week, when it's not Thanksgiving, I'll be sure to be doing the same.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love this Meredith! I have a journal that I write in almost everyday and especially on the days when life seems heavy,,,,,all the things I am grateful for. It is amazing what things we take for granted and assume they will always be there! I am grateful for you for sharing your blog with me!