Monday, November 28, 2011 the Basement

The kids got home from their dad's Sunday evening, and since that moment have been overly excited about their "new space."  Now, we've had the basement from the moment we moved in--three years ago.  Never has the basement gotten so much attention--rather any attention at all.  The basement has been a gathering of Christmas decorations, photo albums, camping stuff, and just crap that we don't wish to look at.  The arrival of the pool table has changed all of that--and it hasn't even made its basement debut.  Brandon and Marissa have created an "apartment" of sorts--and the basement has taken on that name as well.  They've been "making walls"--out of sheets mind you, setting down flooring--more sheets, and making an ambiance of comfort in their "apartment"--complete with Christmas tree, furniture, wall hangings, and a stereo.  I haven't seen them so into cleaning and organizing in god knows how long.  

Table's in the back

Marissa's been cooking dinner 3-4 times per week as of late.  I love this new found talent of hers.  Tonight, after putting the food into serving dishes, she carried them down the stairs and into the basement.    Their "apartment" is complete with table, tablecloth, and metal folding chairs.  The absolute comforts of home.  "MOM!" the two of them screamed followed by "Dinner's ready!  COME DOWN TO THE APARTMENT!"  I tried to withhold the smile, and a bit of laughter, as I headed down the stairs.  They had the whole meal arranged on the table.  I sat there in the midst of telling our highs and lows of the day, freezing my butt off (this is the basement after all), and had the best meal ever.  When Kent arrived home, he made his way down the stairs, praised the kids on a job well done, and looked at me with laughter in his eyes.  Who would have known, that even with a kitchen table and a formal dining room table, that dinner in the basement would be the best place to have meal!  
Excited about the blacklight that she installed

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