Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Take Care of Your Pets, Already!

There is nothing more frustrating than crappy pet owners.  For the last THREE nights I've been unable to sleep due to my neighbors deciding to take off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  With their decision to get the hell out of dodge, they've left their dog home.  Unattended.  Allowed to bark, whine, and howl ALL FRIGGIN' night long.  The dog won't shut the hell up.  So it's almost 11 pm, and here I sit, unable to fall asleep once again.

It's hard not to go outside and scream at this dog.  I want to make him as miserable as I've been for the last three night.  But I don't.  Mostly because my husband keeps reminding me, "It's not the dog's fault, it's the owner's."  Which, while true, doesn't eliminate my longing to rip the vocal chords out of this damn dog's throat.  Instead of sleeping, I get to experience poor Jay Leno jokes...

In all actuality, I do feel badly for this dog.  I've been tempted to go and get the poor thing and let him on into our home--a place where we actually do love our pet.  I mean look at him!  He's the greatest dog ever.  Even when he's ripping farts (like really loud, human sounding ones--gross, I know), running around like the ADHD doggie that he is, or just being annoying we all love him.  I can't imagine taking off and leaving him alone, all night long, for days on end.  So for god's sake, if you're a pet owner just take care of your pet, already.


  1. I adore my dog! He is my baby (aside from my actual baby). We actually have two dogs and they are part of our family. We don't travel much as a whole family for this exact reason. I had never even considered leaving my dogs home alone, never. I can't imagine anyone doing that. We get a doggy sitter or we would put them in a nice doggy hotel..or oh gosh..take them with us!

    I'm sorry that you were kept up for those nights. Not sleeping is no fun. I do feel for the do and would have been tempted to welcome to a sleep over at my house. =-)

  2. Thank goodness for responsible pet owners, like yourself! It was a miserable three days--and I'm sure even more miserable for that poor doggie! =(