Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time to Thank Those EMS Providers

Here's my latest article on Glass Heel!

Time to Thank Those EMS Providers


  1. I want to thank you for writing this article. I have been a medic for 23 years. I responded to a train shooting years back and ended up on the cover of Time magazine holding the brains of Carolyn McCarthy's son in his head. He was originally black tagged on the train. When I saw him, I thought I saw him take a breath so I went to work to do what I could to save his life. He lived. His mother became and still is a Congresswoman from NY. She personally thanked the police and fire departments for their efforts that evening. I never heard a word from her. In my years, Ive never expected any praise or much else. I did my job because I loved helping people. On 9/11 I lost 3 of the 43 that day. They were good men, good husbands and fathers, and good medics. But yes, they are forgotten and not mentioned anywhere that I know of. I spent my time on the pile and have never felt that kind of respect as I did from New Yorkers that lined the streets trying to give us water and thanks as we went in and out of the pile. Its sad how quickly Americans forget that we should, and we can be a Nation, undivided. It should not take an absolute tragic event to make us remember that we are all Americans. That is my thank you to the EMS community. I have cancer and am dying. I didnt want to leave without leaving something behind to carry on.

    Peace and God bless... And please, Thank your husband for me for being a medic.

    John Baerlein
    "Johnny B"

    1. Johnny B~
      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and for recognizing those brave men and women who put their life on the line every single day. I'm very sorry to hear you are dying, but please know your life has saved countless of others (and for 23 years, none the less). How many people have been able to make such a viable difference in the world? I think it's amazing that you have started I'm definitely going to check out your site and pass the link on. That once again demonstrates your selflessness toward humanity. And thank you for that. Truly, thank you.


  2. what an awesome article and I thank you for it. Having been in the EMS Syetem for 26 years in Detroit I see how we get treated. As a supervisor I post something on my facebook everyday to my crews, the medical run of the day, the trauma run of the day and thank my folks for the great job they do. it is nice to see your thoughts here too.

    Lt. Michael Kearns
    Detroit Fire Dept. EMS Division

  3. Thank you for writing this. I love my job and even though it gets really tough telling a parent, I'm sorry, we did everything we could to try nd save your daughter's life but it just wasn't enugh... But still love the job. Helping people more than any other job I know about. True passion.

  4. Thank all of you for all you do--I truly do appreciate it and all of your kind responses. Thanks, again! =) Keep up the GREAT work! =)

  5. Thank you for writing this. I work as an EMT for a private company for rediculeously low wages. I work on an ambulance because I love my work. Definitely isnt to become rich.
    Near where I live a little girls hand was taken off when the rope she was dangling out the car window got caught on the rear tire. The ambulance crew was first on scene. Had her packaged along with her hand before the fire crew arrived. Thankfully her hand was re-attached at the hospital. The family thanked the fire department and took dinner to all of them without a clue the two people who got their daughter to the hospital were EMS not Fire. I personally know the EMS crew that helped this little girl. It still stings when credit isnt given where or when its due.