Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Ahhh.  Another bring your child to work day--which equates to half of my students being absent.  It reminds me of when my children used to go to work with me.  There was one year when my daughter, when she was just a little first grader came to Hinkley High School.  She stood in front of my seniors, perform one of her cheer routines, and then gave them a speech all about Earth Day and why conservation should become a part of their lives.  She was adorable!

And the time when she came to Hinkley High School with me, as a 2nd grader, performed another cheer routine, then proceeded to read the opening soliloquy of Romeo and Juliet.  The students looked at her with awe and admiration--then knew my expectations of them would be really high.  After all if a 2nd grader could read it, there would be no excuses for them.  Over the years as she got older, there were times when she came with me to Sky Vista--sometimes making my copies, sometimes helping out the kids, sometimes just waiting for us to go to lunch.  This is the first year in quite sometime that she hasn't come to work with me.  But she was here on Tuesday, when the Juniors were taking their ACT exam, helping me with all of my copying.  Taking her to work with me every so often will be one of those things that I'll miss when she gets too old and too busy to come.

My son is a whole other story.  When he went to Sky Vista, he would want to "go to work with me" and basically just sit at my desk all day.  He was just content to not have to go to any of his classes.  Another part of him revered in the fact that the students that were there had to attend, while he got to just hang out with mom.  Yeah.  There were years when he went with his dad though and he'd come home talking about how fun it was to play on the computer, play soccer at lunch, and go out for lunch.

Take your child to work day--something I'll miss, something I already miss a bit with my own kids.

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